Are your products made in the UK?
Yes - whilst many of our ingredients are sourced globally, all of our candles are hand poured here in the UK

Why do your candles contain 3 wicks?
We have designed our candles to release fragrance quicker through the use of 3 wicks.

The burning of 3 wicks also allows the candle to achieve a full melt pool faster, this reduces the chance of your candle tunnelling, therefore prolonging the life of your candle.

Are SSEY candles 100% natural?
SSEY candles contains 100% natural wax, pure essential oils and plant based scent molecules.

Selected for their safety, sustainability and unique fragrance notes, scent molecules are a bi-product of industry waste.

Why does my candle look different from previously purchased candles?
Due to the nature of natural wax and essential oils some variations may occur in the look, colour and scent of your candle from batch to batch. This can be due to differences in storage, temperature change, sourcing and harvest of natural ingredients.

All of our jars are spun and engraved by hand. Discrepancy's will occur from jar to jar, we consider this to be part of the character of a hand made product.

Why is there moisture on the surface of my candle?
Every candle is quality checked prior to leaving our studio, however you may experience moisture build up on the surface of your candle. This separation or “sweating” is a common characteristic of natural wax due to it’s oil content and sensitivity to temperature change (this can occur during warmer months and periods of transit)

Sweating in no way affects the performance of your candle, simply dab off using a paper towel prior to burning.

To avoid a reoccurrence of build up please refrain from positioning your candle in areas exposed to heat, sunlight or draft.

*Please note: Due to high temperatures we discourage shipping candles to warmer destinations during summer seasons. We are unable to replace any candles damaged by melting during transit.

Can I cancel my order?
We are unable to modify any order once it has been placed. If you have an order issue or wish to cancel, please contact us at with your order number and we will do our best to assist.

How do I track my order?
As soon as you order is shipped you will receive an automated text / email with all relevant tracking information. If you do not receive your confirmation text / email please contact with your order number.